Privacy policy

This page outlines how we process your personal data when you visit the site. The policy was written on May 23rd, 2018, and last updated on September 1st, 2022.

We try to collect as little data as possible from our visitors, and take steps to self-host as much as possible in order to avoid 3. party tracking risks. The September 1st, 2022 change added an external GDPR-compliant hosting service for fonts.

We use the services of the following providers:

  • We host the site at ‘Netlify’. This hosting provider may log your IP-address when you visit the site, for purpose of performance, quality assurance, and prevention of fraud. Netlify has certified that they abide by the EU GDPR rules along with the US/EU privacy shield; furthermore, they have a publically available data protection addendum, describing how they process data.
  • Netlify uses Amazon AWS as a subcontractor for hosting of certain types of content, which means that Amazon AWS may log your IP-address when you visit our site, for the same purposes as specified above for Netlify.
  • We use a web font provider, Bunny Fonts which is hosted by BunnyWay d.o.o. - an EU-based company creating a GDPR-compliant font hosting service. No data or logs are collected beyond IP addresses. No data is passed to a third party.
  • Lastly, we use Backblaze B2 for hosting larger files, such as pdfs of posters, powerpoint presentations, special images, or similar. If you download these files, Backblaze will receive your IP address, which is logged for the same reasons as above. Backblaze B2 certifies compliance with the GDPR and the EU/US privacy shield.

To reiterate, the named services above may receive your IP address when requesting content stored on their servers. We, as a non-profit voluntary collection of research scientists, do not collect any further data.

We consider the logging described to fall under the legitimate interests of both us as a group, and the hosting contractors, that make this site technically available on our behalf. If you have any special concerns about the third party service providers or the described collection of data, you are welcome to contact us.