ICP-symposium in relation to the SNS congress

Marianne Juhler & Alexander Lilja-Cyron

A half-day pre-congress symposium organized by the Copenhagen CSF Study Group, and sponsored by Raumedic attracted more than 100 participants. The speakers were top Scandinavian ICP researchers as well as promising young ICP researchers.

The pre-congress symposium in conjunction with the Scandinavian Neurosurgical Society included the following topics:

ICP methodology

  • ICP reference values – what we know and what we don’t know, but should know. Marianne Juhler, Copenhagen
  • ICP pulse waves: research and clinical relevance – and a guide to clinical reading of ICP curves. Per Kristian Eide, Oslo
  • Clinical experience with telemetric ICP monitoring. Alexander Lilja-Cyron, Copenhagen
  • Knowing differences in valve design is not only for the ICP nerds - how knowing things about this may help prevent complications. Marianne Juhler, Copenhagen

Clinical presentations

  • The lumbar infusion test and tap-test in NPH diagnosis. Steen Hasselbalch, Copenhagen
  • Recent developments in NPH diagnosis and treatment. Dan Farahmand, Göteborg
  • The effect on ICP by shunt adjustment and body positions. Dan Farahmand, Göteborg
  • The impact of hemicranetomy on physiological ICP regulation. Alexander Lilja-Cyron, Copenhagen
  • Obstructive hydrocephalus isn’t just aquaductal stenosis – where and how to look for sites of obstruction on images. Uwe Kehler, Askleipos Klinik, Hamburg

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