Presentations at EANS and ESPN in Dublin

Sarah Pedersen & Marianne Juhler

The EANS annual congress was held September 24th to 28th 2019 in Dublin, Ireland. Professor Juhler was a co-organizer serving on the Scientific committee.

Of interest from the perspective of CSF and ICP disorders was

  1. a pre-congress symposium with a session dedicated to management of Chiari 2 malformations in children and adults jointly organized by ESPN (Prof. Federico diRocco) and EANS Pediatric Neurosurgery Section (Professor Juhler), and
  2. a Master Class session on ETVs in children and adults on the ordinary congress program.

The idea behind both the joint venture symposium and the ETV master class session was to highlight differences, contrasts, and similarities between disease entities in children and adults.

Additionally, Sarah Hornshøj Pedersen, MD, gave an invited lecture at EANS on the subject of “Intracranial Pressure and outcome in the Pediatric patient with Traumatic Brain Injury.” Alexander Lilja-Cyron, MD, PhD, presented data on intracranial pressure before and after cranioplasty.