Latest news and updates from the group.

5/12 2019 Tandem Grant Christmas Meeting
1/11 2019 New PhD project on paediatric patients with traumatic brain injury
10/10 2019 The group hosts a visiting fellow funded by the EANS travel study grant
21/7 2019 Obtaining better approximated normal values for intracranial pressure in humans
1/5 2019 Group research retreat on Bornholm
22/2 2019 PhD defense by Alexander Lilja-Cyron
1/12 2018 Progress on the Neurosurgery Hydrocephalus Biobank
1/10 2018 New Study nurse with focus on Clinical Hydrocephalus projects
3/9 2018 Visit from Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm
1/8 2018 New PhD and post.doc. in collaboration with DTU with focus on characterization of intracranial pressure signals
1/7 2018 Prof. Juhler gives lectures on paediatric hydrocephalus in Berlin
12/4 2018 Alexander Lilja-Cyron visits Addenbrooke’s Hospital as honorary research fellow
10/3 2018 Prof. Juhler performs PhD assessment in Oslo
1/3 2018 Investigation of CSF biomarkers in Hydrocephalus
1/2 2018 Prof. Juhler gives lecture and performs PhD assessment at Kuopio University, Finland
19/1 2018 Continued strong collaboration across the country
1/10 2017 Prof. Juhler gives lecture on Cerebellar Mutism at Brown University
20/5 2017 Alexander Lilja-Cyron receives prize for best oral presentation at SNS congress
2/5 2017 Two million euro Novo Nordisk Tandem programme funding received
12/8 2016 New PhD-fellow starts study on the glymphatic system in humans