New PhD student with a focus on ICP in traumatic brain injury

On April 1st Alexander Lilja will commence PhD studies with a focus on ICP in severe TBI with Professor Juhler as academic supervisor.

The Copenhagen CSF Study group has a long standing tradition of educating new researchers in the field of hydrocephalus and other liquordynamic diseases.

A new PhD project by Alexander Lilja will focus on ICP and it’s long term effect on prognosis and outcome in severe traumatic brain injury. The project will commence on April 1st 2015.

Supervisor group

The university supervisors are:

  • Professor Marianne Juhler, MD, DMSc
  • Consultant Kåre Fugleholm, MD, PhD
  • Staff specialist Jesper Kelsen, MD, PhD
  • Morten Andresen, MD, PhD