Presentation at the Danish Hydrocephalus Association

Morten Andresen & Dorthe Christoffersen

On Friday June 19th, Morten Andresen and Dorthe Christoffersen gave a presentation on intracranial pressure monitoring and current research efforts at a meeting of the Danish Hydrocephalus Association.

On Friday the 19th of June the Danish Hydrocephalus Association invited to a gathering of patients, caregivers, and doctors. At the gathering there was a focus on intracranial monitoring in the context of hydrocephalic disorders.

Morten Andresen, MD, PhD introduced the audience to hydrocephalus in a historical perspective, leading up to current strategies for postural ICP regulation and telemetric ICP monitoring. He finished with preliminary results from a number of ongoing research projects currently being carried out by the Copenhagen CSF Study Group.

Next, Dorthe Christoffersen, specialist nurse for the hydrocephalus team at the department gave a short overview of her responsibilities and possibilities of receiving help and advice by phone outside of regular out-patient visits.