Tandem Grant Christmas Meeting

Morten Andresen, Marianne Juhler & Nanna MacAulay

On December 5th the tandem grant group held their annual Christmas meeting with 16 participants.

The meeting took place at the Bioanalytical Department at The Panum Institute, Copenhagen. At the meeting, participants from the CSF Study Group presented their ongoing projects, with room for discussion and input from the entire group after each presentation.

Focus of the meeting

Each meeting of the group has a thematic focus on one of the group’s research areas, as placed under the umbrella covered by the Novo Nordisk Tandem Grant.

The topics of the day’s meetings were primarily centered on intracranial pressure

  1. Short overview of the biobank.
  2. Correction of measured ICP values based on head posture relative to probe position.
  3. ICP B-waves and REM-sleep.
  4. Paediatric patients with traumatic brain injury: ICP monitoring and evaluation of cognitive and social function.
  5. Characterization of ICP signals through machine learning techniques and basic signal validation.