Group research retreat on Bornholm

Marianne Juhler & Nanna MacAulay

In early May the Tandem Group held its first research retreat meeting on Bornholm in Denmark.

The tandem grant

The Tandem Group is a collaboration between the CSF Study Group and the Center for Neuroscience/Section of Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience. The group’s collaborative efforts spring from a two million euro grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation for the umbrella project “Hydrocephalus patients – novel approaches towards telemetric monitoring and pharmacological management of the intracranial pressure.”

Meeting purpose

It was a three-day meeting — with 18 participants — held on Bornholm. The aim of the meeting was to increase the Tandem collaboration through both social and research networking activities. Each participant

  1. presented her/his project at the beginning at the meeting,
  2. participated in two writing sessions, and
  3. got feedback on her/his paper from the Tandem Group.