PhD defense by Alexander Lilja-Cyron

Alexander Lilja-Cyron

On February 22nd, Alexander Lilja-Cyron successfully defended his PhD thesis with the title “Long-term intracranial pressure following decompressive craniectomy and cranioplasty.”

The PhD investigated long-term intracranial pressure following craniectomy and subsequent cranioplasty.

The research was conducted under the supervision of

  • Professor Marianne Juhler
  • Associate Professor Kåre Fugleholm
  • Jesper Kelsen, MD, PhD
  • Morten Andresen, MD, PhD

Opponents on the thesis were

  • Professor Tiit Mathiesen,
    Clinic of Neurosurgery,
    Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet, Denmark
  • Professor Niklas Marklund ,
    Department of Neurosurgery,
    Lund University
  • Professor Frantz Rom Poulsen,
    Department of Neurosurgery,
    Odense University Hospital

Thesis papers

The thesis was based on the following three papers:

I. Lilja-Cyron A, Kelsen J, Andresen M, Fugleholm K, Juhler M. Feasibility of telemetric intracranial pressure monitoring in the neuro intensive care unit. J Neurotrauma. 2018 Jul 15;35(14):1578-1586.

II. Lilja-Cyron A, Andresen M, Kelsen J, Fugleholm K, Andresen T H, Juhler M. Long-term effect of decompressive craniectomy on intracranial pressure and possible implications for intracranial fluid movements. Neurosurgery. Accepted for publication November 12th, 2018.

III. Lilja-Cyron A, Andresen M, Kelsen J, Andresen T H, Petersen L G, Fugleholm K, Juhler M. Intracranial pressure before and after cranioplasty – insights into intracranial physiology. Manuscript submitted for publication (Neurosurgery).