PhD-student Isabel Martinez visits Addenbrooke’s Hospital for research collaboration

Isabel Martinez, Morten Andresen, Jens E. Wilhjelm & Marianne Juhler

PhD-student Isabel Martinez travelled for a research visit at the Brain Physics Lab of Professor Marek Czosnyka at Addenbrooke’s Hospital (Cambridge University).

Isabel worked on a project focused on the dynamic relationship between slow waves in intracranial pressure (ICP), arterial blood pressure (ABP), and flow velocity (FV) with the aim of providing an insight of CSF dynamics in hydrocephalus patients. In addition, she also participated in data collection at Addenbrooke’s Hospital by doing computerized infusion tests.

Overall, it was a wonderful and enriching experience working with ICP signals from a different research approach, as well as gaining additional clinical knowledge from being in the clinic. The stay also reinforces the research collaboration between Copenhagen and Cambridge established back in the ’80s.