A retrospective bachelor project on overdrainage in patients with NPH

Kasper Henriksen & Marianne Juhler

Valve intervention on normal pressure hydrocephalus (iNPH) patients is used worldwide, and has been for decades, but overdrainage as a side-effect still prevails despite several attempts to eliminate it with the use of anti-gravity devices or the introduction of flow-regulating valves.

Project aim

To describe the relationship between valve-types and overdrainage in shunt treated patients with iNPH.

We will compare the occurrence of overdrainage between two different shunt systems; a flow regulating valve and a differential pressure valve in combination with an anti-gravity device, respectively. The project design is dual-centre, as the University Hospitals in Ã…lborg and Copenhagen are national referral centres for iNPH in Denmark.

The project is conducted by medical student Kasper Henriksen for the bachelor degree in medicine.