An update on our group collaborations and conference participations in 2022

Marianne Juhler

In 2022 the Copenhagen CSF Study group continues its fruitful collaborations with both national and international partners.

  • Our collaboration with Professor Jens E. Wilhjelm at the Danish Technical University (DTU) is focused on ICP signal analysis which during the last year has resulted in clinical science/technical science co-supervision of one PhD thesis and four master degree projects. We are currently developing our continuation of this project line.
  • Our collaboration with Copenhagen University Neuroscience is a close association with Professor Nanna McAulay’s group dealing with molecular brain water transport pathways. Research over the past 3½ years has consolidated this clinical/experimental translational research line.
  • Collaboration with the Copenhagen University/Rigshospitalet proteomics group is the most recent and very exciting addition to our collaborative structure, where we hope to produce useful knowledge on CSF protein markers. We are grateful to Nicolai Jacob Wewer Albrechtsen and Peter Stendahl Plomgaard for making this possible.
  • We are also grateful for the expanding clinical hydrocephalus research with broad national collaboration with the clinical hydrocephalus teams at Danish University hospitals in Aarhus and Aalborg, as the challenges in management of patients with hydrocephalus and other CSF disorders is an on-going motivation and inspiration for work in the entire group.
  • Our group also continues collaboration on investigations of ICP patterns during sleep with Danish Centre for Sleep Medicine (Prof. Poul. Jennum) and translational IIH research with Danich Headache Research Centre (Prof. Rigmor Jensen)


Due to the COVID pandemic participation in meetings and conferences has been very restricted for the past couple of years. However, Copenhagen CSF Study Group has actively contributed to online conferences and webinars organized by ISPN, ESPN, and EANS. We hope to see our cherished international partners and friends at events and conferences again soon.