Press & Publications

This is a short overview of the latest news clippings and publications from the Copenhagen CSF Study Group. Follow the links to read more about the individual topics.

15/7 2019 Telemetric intracranial pressure monitoring in children
25/5 2019 International Paediatric Neurosurgery Collaborative Meeting in Copenhagen
22/5 2019 2019 Scandinavian Neurosurgical Societies Meeting in Stockholm
1/5 2019 Group research retreat on Bornholm
18/3 2019 Deciding on the Appropriate Telemetric Intracranial Pressure Monitoring System
22/2 2019 PhD defense by Alexander Lilja-Cyron
15/2 2019 Long-Term Effect of Decompressive Craniectomy on Intracranial Pressure
1/12 2018 Progress on the Neurosurgery Hydrocephalus Biobank
21/10 2018 Participation at EANS 2018 in Brussels
19/10 2018 Study group participation at the ISHCSF 2018 meeting in Bologna
4/10 2018 Lower body negative pressure to safely reduce intracranial pressure
1/10 2018 New Study nurse with focus on Clinical Hydrocephalus projects
29/9 2018 Telemetry in intracranial pressure monitoring: sensor survival and drift
3/9 2018 Visit from Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm
1/8 2018 New PhD and post.doc. in collaboration with DTU with focus on characterization of intracranial pressure signals
15/7 2018 Feasibility of Telemetric Intracranial Pressure Monitoring in the Neuro Intensive Care Unit
1/7 2018 Prof. Juhler gives lectures on paediatric hydrocephalus in Berlin
27/5 2018 The applicability of fixed and adjustable gravitational shunt valves in two different clinical settings
6/5 2018 Presentations at ESPN 2018 in Bonn
12/4 2018 Alexander Lilja-Cyron visits Addenbrooke’s Hospital as honorary research fellow