The Copenhagen CSF Study Group is led by Professor Marianne Juhler, who has been focused on research within the area of hydrocephalus and intracranial pressure for more than 25 years. The research group consists of post docs and Ph.D. students, as well as medical students doing their bachelor and master theses in neurosurgery.

Professor Marianne Juhler

Professor Marianne Juhler, MD, DMSc is the head of the Copenhagen CSF Study Group. Marianne is an MD graduate from University of Copenhagen, and holds the degree of (DMSc) also from University of Copenhagen. She is a certified neurosurgeon since 1992 with a broad neurosurgical experience, and a particular clinical interest in hydrocephalus treatment in both children and adults.

Marianne was head of the Neurosurgical department at Rigshospitalet (Copenhagen University Hospital) from 1996–2002, and president of the Danish Neurosurgical Society 2003–2007.


Postgraduate clinical education from Copenhagen hospitals, The New York Hospital/Cornell Medical Center, and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer center. Research education from the neurobiology group at Rigshospitalet/University of Copenhagen, NINCDS/NIH in Washington, and Max Planck Institute in Cologne, Germany.

Marianne supplemented her clinical education with an MBA module from Scandinavian Management Institute (SIMI) with a focus on hospital management, and courses in research management.


Marianne lectures in neurosurgery for pre-graduate medical students at University of Copenhagen, and is the Danish delegate to the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS) Training Committee for European postgraduate education in clinical neurosurgery. Marianne has received several prizes and recognitions for excellence in teaching.


116 PubMed listed publications and several contributions to Danish educational textbooks in neurology/neurosurgery as well as to numerous international textbooks.

Recent contributions include chapters on the ventricular system in Gray’s anatomy (2013), and chapters in a textbook on Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (Cambridge Press 2013, edited by Daniele Rigamonti).

Members of the CSF Study Group

  • Marianne Juhler, Professor, DMSc
  • Lisette Willumsen, Consultant, MD
  • Anders Vedel Holst, Staff specialist, MD
  • Tina Munch, Staff specialist, MD, PhD
  • Carl Larsen, Staff specialist, MD, PhD
  • Morten Andresen, MD, PhD
  • Lonnie G. Petersen, MD, PhD
  • Alexander Lilja-Cyron, MD, PhD
  • Nina Rostgaard, molecular biologist PhD
  • Casper Riedel, MD, PhD-student
  • Sarah Hornshøj Pedersen, MD, PhD-student
  • Trine Hjorslev Andreasen, MD
  • Sondre Tefre, MD
  • Nicolas Nørager, MD
  • Thorbjørn Jensen, Research assistent
  • Joachim Milan, Medical student
  • Nikolaj Malte Toft, Medical student
  • Kasper Henriksen, Medical student
  • Sara Duus Johnsen, Registered nurse
  • Kathrine Karlsson, Registered nurse
  • Helle Bak, Research administrator