Progress on the Neurosurgery Hydrocephalus Biobank

Nina Rostgaard, Naomi Wakabayashi & Marianne Juhler

We have now established the Neurosurgery Hydrocephalus Biobank (Neurokirurgisk Hydrocefalus Biobank) which will form the basis for future research projects on biomarkers in hydrocephalus.

The collection of biological material (blood and CSF) for the biobank is happening faster and more smoothly than we hoped or expected thanks to our project nurse Naomi Wakabayashi who has been working with us since October.

We are now recruiting patients who are undergoing neurosurgery due to chronic hydrocephalic conditions. The plan is to expand the patient group, so we will be able to collect material from patients with acute hydrocephalus as well. We will also include a “control” group which will be patients who are to undergo neurosurgery due to unrelated conditions, e.g. choroidal cysts or minor tumors.

We are very excited by the prospects of the interesting research analyses which we will be able to perform with our patient samples and we want to address a big thank you to all the patients who agree to participate/donate biological material!