Latest papers and publications from the group.

Date Title
24/10 2016 Acute surgical treatment of malignant stroke
20/6 2016 Evaluation of Intracranial Pressure in Different Body Postures and Disease Entities
14/12 2015 Valved or valveless ventriculoperitoneal shunting in the treatment of post-haemorrhagic hydrocephalus
14/10 2015 Postural influence on intracranial and cerebral perfusion pressure in ambulatory neurosurgical patients
1/11 2014 Risk factors for congenital hydrocephalus: a nationwide, register-based, cohort study
14/10 2014 Effect of postural changes on ICP in healthy and ill subjects
19/9 2014 Syringomyelia: a practical, clinical concept for classification
4/4 2014 Intracranial pressure following complete removal of a small demarcated brain tumor - A model for normal ICP in man
25/2 2014 Clinical experience with telemetric intracranial pressure monitoring in a Danish neurosurgical center
23/8 2013 Electrostatic discharges and their effect on the validity of registered values in intracranial pressure monitors
11/7 2013 A longitudinal, qualitative and quantitative exploration of daily life and need for rehabilitation among patients with high-grade gliomas and their caregivers
31/5 2013 Flow-regulated versus differential pressure-regulated shunt valves for adult patients with normal pressure hydrocephalus
5/5 2013 Pathophysiology of shunt dysfunction in shunt treated hydrocephalus
11/2 2013 Peritumoral brain edema in angiomatous supratentorial meningiomas: an investigation of the vascular endothelial growth factor A pathway
23/1 2013 Childhood hydrocephalus – is radiological morphology associated with etiology?
1/8 2012 Familial aggregation of congenital hydrocephalus in a nationwide cohort